Baby Massage

The perfect first class

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Mummy & Me

6 Week Baby Massage Course

This small, relaxed course is a perfect first course for you to spend special time with your beautiful baby and learn beneficial, nurturing massage to help relax and soothe your baby.

​Each week you will learn massage strokes on a new body part, repeat previous weeks strokes and finish the course with a beautifully relaxing massage routine.

​Strokes that you will learn can also relieve discomforts your baby may experience such as colic, teething and digestive complaints such as constipation. Massage with your baby aids the bonding process, can assist baby's appetite and sleep, enhance baby's nervous system and support emotional wellbeing and development



Everything that you need is provided. You may want to bring a favourite blanket to wrap baby in for lots of snuggly cuddles in between massage.

This course can also be offered on a   1-1 basis. I can come to your home and teach you how to perform a beautiful massage routine to enjoy with your baby in the comfort of baby's familiar environment.